Is it Time to Change my Vehicle Tires?

Top Three Signs to Change your Vehicle Tires   

There is no set frequency at which you should replace your tires. However, the motor industry agrees that you should consider doing so at least every six years. Tires become dangerous when rubber ages and degrades due to temperature and time, wear or cracked sidewalls. While a flat is inconvenient, a blowout or shaky grip can result in an accident. Tire wear and replacement are largely predictable, even though they might be a significant one-time investment for a car owner. In this blog by SpeedCraft, we will look at this list of ways to tell whether your tires need to be replaced and typical warning signals that your tires need to be repaired.  

  1. Check Tread Depth  

It’s fairly easy to check your car’s tires’ tread depth. You only need to look for the remaining tread depth and locate the tread wear indicator on almost all car tire brands.  

  1. Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing  

You can try to drive your car in a straight line, but it won’t work. This may be a sign that your tires need to be replaced. Otherwise, there can be an axle issue. Ask your dependable mechanic or an authorized facility to do a checkup.  

  1. Tyre Grip Is Important  

The type of rubber compound used in the tires, the tread pattern, the steering linkage, the inflation pressures, and the precise wheel alignment are only a few of the aspects that contribute to better tire grip on the road. If everything looks good and your tire indication suggests changing your tires, go ahead.  

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